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Organic Based Lawn Care

Mr. Lou says: "Don't be mean to your green."

Keep it Green

Natural fertilizers provide a slow steady release of nutrients. This leads to a solid green growth that will stay greener longer and cause your lawn to be the envy of the neighborhood. We monitor and chart progress on a monthly basis. Personal service is our number one priority.
Shadow says, "Go Organic!"

Control the Pests

We nurture your turf and make it strong and more capable to fight off insect and disease attack. A healthier soil and a healthier plant all add to a reduced need for pesticides and a stronger lawn.

Family Friendly, Kid Friendly, Pet Friendly

Organic lawn care is safe for your family, safe for your children and safe for your pets. That's because we don't use the potentially toxic chemicals found in common fertilizers and pesticides. The organic material in our products are food grade, plant based and naturally decomposed by microorganisms in the soil providing nutrient replenishment without exposure to toxic contaminates.

Protect the Environment

Grass Root Technology professionals use organic base fertilizers and new chemistry of products to keep your lawn green and help protect the environment. Healthy top growth, developing deep roots, protecting and building the soil--only organics can do the job!

Economical, Effective & Environment Impact Friendly

Serving the Greater Columbia area including Columbia, Cayce, Chapin, West Columbia, Irmo, Lexington, Forest Acres, Arcadia Lakes, Northeast Columbia and Blythewood

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