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Grass Root Technology professionals are constantly working to provide you with the best and safest service. In recent years we all have become more environmentally conscious. Considerable research has been initiated in an attempt to find ways to reduce the amount of chemicals used in our programs. The most significant result of this research has been the formulation of organic base fertilizers and new chemistry of products. Our partnerships with Greene County Fertilizer Company, Humic Harvest and other organic-based distributors help reduce toxic chemical applications to your lawn.

Why We’re Different

The difference between our company and some others is that we use organic and traditional fertilizers in a liquid mix – not just one or the other. You get more for your money with our unique, organic blend called Liquid Gold. Liquid Gold is a blend of top-quality organic and traditional fertilizers containing humics, beneficial bacteria, liquid seaweed, liquid aeration and bio-stimulants. We specifically blend Liquid Gold to achieve a quick greening effect and a sustained feeding for a rich soil result.
Organic Base

Organic-based is Better for Your Children and Pets

Who gets closer to our lawns than our children and pets? We all enjoy the outdoors, but our children and pets get right down in the soil and grass. They are rolling in the grass, digging in the dirt and hiding in the bushes. With organic-based lawn care, all that fun is now much safer. For more details view the Fact Sheet from

Organic-based Treatments are Better for Our Environment

All lawn treatments impact our surroundings. Organics are the best natural additive you can have for the balance of the environment, especially for our soil and water. Organics replenish nutrients in the soil, encourage natural decomposition and assist with soil aeration. Organic lawn care applications aid the environment by keeping pesticides, nitrates, phosphates and other harmful chemicals out of the water supply. Learn more about nutrient pollution.
Organic Soil Nutrients

Organic-based Lawn Care is Local, Personal and Customized for Your Lawn

Our lawn care programs include soil profile, grass type, shrub, weed and pest assessment to customize a program for your lawn. Our professional assessment and applications are applied with the care and concern of an environmentally aware local business owner. Our customers are our neighbors and we take the time to know them, know their lawns and provide top quality service.

Personal service is our number one priority. We monitor and chart progress on a routine basis. We will inform you of all developments and progress with prompt attention of any problems that may occur.

For every acre of turf we treat with Liquid Gold, we on average eliminate:

• 40 pounds of Nitrates
• 10 Pounds of Phosphates
• 35 Ounces of Concentrated Pesticides

By choosing Grass Root Technology, you are promoting sustainable practices in our local community.

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