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We give your lawn individualized lawn treatment that will get your grass looking full and green and keep your lawn healthy throughout the year. The Liquid Gold organic fertilizers reduce the need for traditional chemicals by up to 90%, keeping your family and pets safe and protecting the environment. Our lawn care services will keep your yard weed free, healthy and green.

What We Do

7 Visits

Our 7 visits throughout the year are customized to the needs of your lawn. Lawn treatments throughout the year control weeds, pests and disease and lead to deeper roots and healthier, greener grass.

Weed Control

Our customized lawn care treatments deal with pre and post emergent weeds. Spring, summer and fall bring different weeds requiring different treatments.

Soil Profile

Our soil profile enables us to provide your lawn the nutrients and pH corrections needed for your grass type, soil type and soil condition.

Insect Control

Our products and services treat both surface and sub-surface insects protecting your lawns roots and green leaves.

Organic Base Fertilizer

Organic base is a food grade, plant-based 100% organic soil stimulant that uses natural micro-organisms and enzymes that turn a small amount of fertilizer into the most effective lawn treatments available, reducing the usage of nitrates and phosphates by up to 90%.

Disease Suppresion

Our soil-first approach is to create a healthy soil and a healthy grass to minimize lawn and turf disease.

Additional Services

Liquid Aeration

Loosen topsoil to encourage deeper rooting, increased oxygenation and access to more nutrients with no risk to sprinkler heads or underground lines.

Tree and Shrub Health Care

5 step service for the health of your trees and shrubs.

  • Biological dethatching
  • Topdressing with soil enhancer
  • Restoration; Renovation; Replacement
  • Stop the Bites with mosquito and tick control

  • Holganix Organic Lawn Treatment

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